Website Hosting which is your internet provider that will publish your website online.

You can pay $60.00 for one year or save money and pay $126.00 for three years. This also includes your domain name which is what you will name your website.

Our Website Hosting company also offers a benefit that if you place their advertisement on any page of your website, for every person that clicks on it and opens a account with them you get a commission, so you have a opportunity to recover your hosting cost back.

Set up fee of $100.00 which includes Designing your Website,  taking photos of your products or services for your website. I can take four photo’s and you provide some personal information and Design your complete Website for your  review. Setting up your social media, facebook, google+, twitter, etc. to point new customers back to your website. This would need maintaining on a daily basis for best results. How would you like for example someone Googles lawnservice, Byram, Ms and your name comes up as the first company to contact?

Monitor and maintaining your Website which includes keeping all your social media buzzing with different postings, special offers, discounts and updating photo’s for a very low monthly cost (less than your weekly lunch cost). Any business can afford this, or you might be in a trade where I need your services. I am not out for the money but to help the small businesses and self employed in our community grow and achieve your goals is rewarding for me.