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 Our vision

I had the opportunity to take my experience to a new level while helping the small businesses and self employed to achieve their goals by putting a personal touch to a Website Design. I can make it possible for anyone to create a beautiful professional Website.

I am very proud of being in a position to help the smaller businesses and self employed with a Website Design or updating the present Design for their industry at a very low cost.  This includes your domain name and web hosting with one of the top rated companies. In this generation If you don’t keep up with technology it’s hard to grow and achieve your goals.  I would like to have the opportunity to explain how I can take us both to a new level.


Our Story

I  feel like this is just not a business to me, but something that I am very proud of doing. I would like to help the small businesses and self employed companies by creating a Website Design.

You are asking how the cost to Design a Website be so low when Designs can cost as much $350.00 to $1200.00 and more.  After the loss of my son I was not able to continue my position as Business Manager at the Mississippi Business Journal.  However,  I have continued to progress in my computer knowledge which has given me the opportunity to learn the different Website Designing Software Programs, which include WordPress one of the most poplar software with the major Web Hosting Companies. I am looking to help the Small Business community but yet still be challenging.  My granddaughter Brianna is Majoring in Integrated Communication Marketing which has intrigued me into pursuing this non-profit business where I could use my computer knowledge for a good cause. With my experience in business and how to financially operate one, I feel that Website Designing and integrating Social Media is just another opportunity to further my business knowledge and what I enjoy doing.  If Designing a Website whatever the phase and can be  help to you in the process would be awesome.


Please contact me I would be glad to work with you in anyway possible.  Be sure to follow and like us on Facebook and Google + for special offers.